Welcome to our church's Awana website


Our AWANA club is located in Valley Springs, CA. We offer clubs for kids ages birth through 6th grade. For more information see our facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/gscccawana or e-mail awana@gsccc.net.

Upcoming Awana Calendar
December 12 (Wed)
Unwrap the Gift
Simeon and Anna Luke 2:21-40
Snack: Wrapped Snack
Game: Musical Presents
Bring: *$5 wrapped gift (Sparks,T&T)
December 19 (Wed)
Merry Christmas-No AWANA
December 26 (Wed)
Happy New Year-No AWANA
January 2 (Wed)
No AWANA- School Break
January 9 (Wed)
Bright Light Night
Salt and Light Matthew 5:13-16; Mark 4:21-25; Luke 8:16-18, 11:33-36, 14:34-35
Snack: Grilled Cheese
Bring: *$5 for Grand Prix Car Kit
Game: Flashlight Relays